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Joust! Is a Medieval Jousting VR game developed for the Oculus Rift. This is a student game developed over the course of 5 weeks. It's a game where you play as a knight to attempt to beat you opponent by breaking your lance on them.

Artist Statement

As this game is VR, I really wanted to make the game visually pleasing, I had 5 animation students working on numerous models and textures. The theme I was going for is a really eerie and dark environment, creating a more serious atmosphere. 

I decided to focus the more detailed models on the players weapons, adding specular shaders to these models with normal maps and reflections because these are the closest to the players view. Closely followed by the opponent and atmospehric effects.



  • Gary Reid


  • Troy Martens


  • Toni Giacopelli

  • Isabelle Britton

  • Rebecca Owen

  • Dylan Marcer

  • Lizzet Arias Rhor

Install instructions

Build is not currently tested, and screenshots may not represent exactly whats in the build. (as in screenshots may be out-dated, not the fact its not the same game :P )

Build is for 64bit Windows.

This build also collects in-game statistics to help us balance the game with the more people that play it. So in due time this will begin to be a more balanced experience :)


Joust (Windows x64) 304 MB


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A Android-Quest versión will be a nice one for play against friends😏

love the game lol 

Robert Baratheon: Begin the joust before i piss myself.