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Wheres The Money is a Money Management Clicker where the aim of the game is to survive for 1 year of studies and pass your course. 

I created this game to show from personal experience, how impossible it is to viably sustain yourself while living off student welfare. This game and its currency is based off the Australian Welfare system and their approximate current pay rates.

Due to it being so impossible in real life, I have made this game equally as difficult (Impossible)... You are meant to lose. In saying this, I don't believe I have tested this thoroughly enough in order to discover if it were actually possible to make it to the end so by all means, give it a shot and let me know if it is!

If you're interested on my process and experience of development of this game please read my post-mortem blog post: https://garyreidgames.com/2017...

Enjoy :)

Install instructions


  1. Extract
  2. Run .exe


  1. Extract
  2. Install? (not a mac person)

NOTE: Mac Edition is currently untested but should still work perfectly fine.

NOTE2: Only has support for 16:9 Resolutions.


WheresTheMoney32bit.zip 27 MB
WheresTheMoney64bit.zip 32 MB
WheresTheMoneyMac.app.zip 74 MB

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